Our Regularly Scheduled Program Will Return Next Week

Please Stand By 📺

Hello friends. This week I am taking a break from producing Vinyl-O-Matic. If you’re still feeling like you need your weekly allowance of vinyl goodness, there are over 100 episodes archived on the Vinyl-O-Matic site, and even more on the original Tumblr site.

  • Barring unforeseen circumstances there will be a Mostly 45rpm Cocktail Hour this Friday.

  • Consider checking out The Movement for Black Lives Week of Action if you have not already.

  • Also, if you are interested in supporting more community radio, there is an excellent LP-FM in South Minneapolis worth exploring: KRSM. They are a hyper-local station that focuses on the voices of communities often left out of media.

Be strong. Be safe.

Your Old Pal Will

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